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Wanaki Hole Descriptions

Par 4

Be prepared, the #1 Handicap hole on the golf course awaits you right out of the blocks. This imposing monster will test your nerves right away. Trouble off of the tee left and right can lead to a long 2nd shot to a tricky green. Be thrilled with a bogey and move on.

Par 4

A long and precise tee shot is necessary through the chute off the tee. A large fairway bunker and a hazard running the entire right side of the hole add to the menacing tee shot. The approach narrows to a green flanked by 2 bunkers, trees and a pond. Avoid posting a large number on this interesting and difficult par 4.
Par 3

A fantastic par 3 with a picturesque backdrop. 2 bunkers guard the front of this deep and narrow green. Usually into the breeze, the pin placement and wind can make club selection tricky.
Par 4

It’s pretty simple actually, hit 2 perfectly placed 175 yard long iron shots to a small green and walk away with par. A very unique 90-degree dogleg is an unforgettable par 4 that anchors the front 9 at Wanaki. Shot placement is at a premium when playing what at one time was rated “the toughest par 4” in Wisconsin.
Par 4

A simple dogleg left that turns left around an inside sand bunker to the green. This charming hole is in a peaceful area away from other play and it has a great view. A slightly elevated, well guarded green awaits a short approach shot.
Par 3

A heavily wooded right side requires a straight tee shot on this sporty par 3 hole. 2 large bunkers guard the green that falls off quickly on long tee shots.
Par 5 (Par 4 ladies)

A breather par 5 lets you tee it up and rip it. Fairway bunkers heavily guard the tee shot but won’t hurt you if you are in them. An easily reachable hole, small bunkers protect the unique green, but a birdie may be in your future.
Par 4

A short par 4 that has 2 large ponds protecting the tee shot. A classic “risk-reward hole”, shot placement is a necessity when grabbing the driver off of the tee to reach the challenging green or when laying up short of the ponds. Truly a fun golf hole…especially with the wind at your back.
Par 5

Bang away off the tee, enough landing room to land an airplane on the fairway, in fact a sputtering airplane used this par 5 as its landing strip a few years ago. Second shot is tricky with a river crossing 160 yards from the green, trees on the left, heavy rough to the right, and a large mushroom shaped bunker in front of the green. Play it safe and you might just walk away with par.
Par 4

A challenging slightly doglegged golf hole with maturing trees on the right and a large fairway bunker on the left to challenge your tee shot. A sloping green challenges even the easiet looking putts.
Par 4

Wanaki’s version of the “Road Hole”. A straight par 4 that is guarded by tight out-of-bounds on the right. A good birdie chance can be expected with this large flat green.
Par 3

The toughest par 3 on the golf course. A long tee shot to a generally carry-only green makes this nerve-wrenching tee shot very interesting. A very tough green guarded by 2 steep bunkers is sure to test your abilities…bogey is not uncommon.
Par 4

A medium length par 4 that looks so simple and straight-forward off of the tee, but even the best looking tee shot can find the hazard on the left, get caught behind or under mature trees, or go too long through the fairway…it’s a potential double bogey hole.
Par 4

A beautiful dogleg par 4 that will test your ability off of the tee. Cut the corner if you wish, but don’t leak your drive to the right or you are in the Fox River swamp. Too far left or through the fairway leaves you in a bunker or the woods. Two bunkers straddle the green, and stay below the hole, an always quick green awaits.
Par 5

3 mid-iron shots will get you there, but what fun is that? Large trees and out-of-bounds protect a 250 yard-plus carry down the left side of the fairway that will enable you to cut the corner on this enjoyable par 5. A large pond borders the right hand side of your tee shot, while the Fox River bi-sects the fairway 140 yards from the green. Play it as you wish, but it may change your round…either way.
Par 3

The easiest looking hole on the golf course. This medium length par 3 can enable you to have a nice birdie putt, but be careful, every putt on this deceivingly slippery green seems to break the wrong way.
Par 5

This long hole is a good “homestretch” par 5 that can determine the fate of your round. A long and straight drive may tempt you to reach the green in 2 shots, but you still may want to lay up to a tight landing area. Just remember, the feisty Fox River protects the entire right side of the hole before crossing a few yards in front of the green. And the green?... all putts can be categorized as greasy and unpredictable.
Par 3

A par 3 finishing hole?...piece of cake! Not so fast. This long par 3 has ruined many a round with its’ protective green-side bunkers not to mention the overhanging trees on the left side of the fairway. This large green has many snaky characteristics that will make you shudder over every putt.

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