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Moor Downs Hole Descriptions

#1 - 179/156 Par 3
A new starting hole awaits. Choose the right club, as this par three is a long one but a par can jumpstart your round.
#2 - 317/302 Par 4
This sporty par 4 hole is a dogleg right and is wide open if you stay in the middle of the fairway. Try and go for the green by cutting the corner, but if you mis-hit slightly right, you will have tree trouble and a likely double-bogey.
#3 - 329/313 Par 4
Teeing it up from an elevated tee box, this newly designed dog-leg par 4 has a ton of "risk-reward" , but an errant tee shot can leave you in the drink left or in jail (literally) long and right. Another unique feature bordering the Moor Downs Golf Course is a close-up view of the County Jail as you play the-is 3rd hole. A postage stamp pop-up green awaits with putts always breaking in the wrong direction. Walk away with bogey and things are looking up.

#4 - 379/338 Par 4
A very unique dogleg left, a well placed tee shot is a must. Although fairly open, an errant tee shot could lead to a troublesome second shot over water to a two tiered green. History states that the dirt and mud from this area of the golf course was used in the Moor Bath’s and Hotel in the 1920’s. The mud was believed to have healing powers.
#5 - 129/114 Par 3
The shortest hole on the course is considered the easiest. Don’t worry about the water on the right, it should not come into play. A short iron to a very slippery sloping green should get you your par, but a 3-putt is not out of the realm.
#6 - 288/238 Par 4
This short par four is straight away, but the long hitters have a fairway bunker and water on the left to contend with. Another very small and well protected green awaits you.
#7 - 445/393 Par 5
The longest and most difficult hole on the course. An uphill dogleg right, your tee shot needs to carry water and stay on the left side of the fairway to have any chance of hitting the proper landing area on your second shot. Tree trouble awaits you on the right side of this menacing hole. Go for a par, but take a bogey, be happy, and grab a drink during the "7th-inning stretch" before finishing your round.


#8 - 331/314 Par 4
This  hole is slightly downhill and fairly wide open. A few trees on the left will get you into trouble if you miss the fairway. A fairway bunker short and right and a left-greenside bunker protect this very small green.
#9 - 341/322 Par 4
Keep your tee shot down the left side of the fairway and you will have an open shot to the green. Too far right and you will have tree trouble. The second half of this hole is uphill and a slight dogleg right. Avoid the bunkers on either side of the green. After completing this beautiful finishing hole, feel free to sit on the hillside and watch other golfers finish their round.


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